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This section showcases everything your fan needs to know about your studio. From history, crew info, awards and achievements. The story of your film studio will be well-displayed with FilmMaker. We even offer different layouts for Crew section, to indulge as many users as possible. Here is an example of History timeline with arrow buttons, more for viewers to interact with the site.

This section helps display the big names of your company. Director/Producer or Cinematographer who have many stories to tell can be featured here. Different sections can also be linked together to create a complete portfolio. Therefore readers don’t have to jump from different pages to gather information.

Film page has two layouts: one is full list and one detailed page. This can satisfy companies of all sizes. No matter how many products you have, we can offer the best solution to showcase them all. The detailed single page features 3 possible slots for trailer and a full behind story.

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